"I’m telling you, these West Virginia folks know about hospitality. You can register online now, dream about warblers all winter, and then be New River-bound next April. How’s that for a plan?" - Nina Cheney, Eagle Optics

"I can’t think of a better place to be in early spring!" - Mark Garland

"Crossing this [New River Gorge] bridge marked the beginning of what turned out to be one of the most challenging, unique and fun-filled nature vacations I've ever experienced." -Vickie Henderson

"I've never been to a birding festival before, but I think the bar has now been set pretty high for any future bird outings that I might go to. They really take care of you at the New River Festival. For one thing, having your meals provided for you is a huge convenience that I didn't appreciate until I came home and realized that I had to go back to fixing my own meals." - Heather

"Total birds seen by the whole group for the week was 148 different species. Ferd and I saw 60 different kinds alone." - Gail