"Struck by wonderful hospitality, enthusiastic participants high school through adult, and a dazzling assortment of spring Neotropical migrant birds, we've been back every spring since that first year [2002] to lecture, lead field trips, and band birds..." - Dr. Bill Hilton Jr.

"... images... of perfect roadside wildflowers, of rivers rushing across bared toes, of ghost towns nestled in the mountains, weathered barns along the way, of impossible to photograph birds, memories of twisty country roads, lush hillsides and scenic saw mills, the laughter of an impossible-to-imagine mix of friends..." - Laura

"It's hard sometimes to really convey the wonderment of this place [Muddlety]. It's not only birdy, it's also full of butterflies and very cool flora, and if you're lucky you might get a bear." - Susan

"The birding was fabulous- twenty-eight lifers for me!" - Lynne

"It’s fun meeting up with several people we met here last year who also decided to return. And no wonder we are all back here, as it is one of the premier birding events in the country." - Ferd Crotte