May 2 - 7, 2022 

Use Your Birding & Nature Vacation to Revitalize Your Mind and Body. Afternoons are the perfect opportunity to enjoy personal time with a casual Popcorn Presentation at 3 PM, nap, hot tub, journal, site see... Take your time; we'll see you at 6 PM for dinner.

Lodging Packages
Check-in with your selected lodging provider Sunday afternoon, and check-out the following Sunday morning.

Festival Check-in
Festival check-in is Monday, 6 AM, at Burnwood. Items provided upon check-in include a printed checklist, personal itinerary and name tag.

Breakfast is provided hot buffet-style at 6 AM under an pavilion at Burnwood. Cranberry Glades trips take a grab-n-go breakfast at Burnwood.

Field Trips
Field trips depart from Brunwood by 7 AM and return by 2 PM. Cranberry departs as quickly as possible and returns by 5 PM. Field Trip transportation is provided in a big blue bus. All trips are limited to 10 guests, plus guides.

20th Anniversary Exclusive 

Registration Closed: SOLD OUT

Monday - Friday 
7am – 2pm Burnwood to Babcock
7am – 2pm Fayette Station
7am – 2pm Sugar Creek
7am – 2pm The Summit
7am – 5pm Cranberry

7am – 2pm ACE Reptiles & Amphibians
7am – 2pm Bolt Mountain
7am – 2pm Glade Creek
7am – 2pm Muddlety Wetlands & Ridges
7am – 2pm Wolf Creek Park

Lunch is provided on field trips. 

Popcorn Presentations
Casual afternoon presentations start at 3 PM daily and last approximately one hour, located in the Meadows. Yes... we serve popcorn! 
Speakers may include Dr. Hilton, Katie Fallon, and Jim Rapp.

Dinner starts at 6 PM daily, Monday through Saturday, in the Meadows; beverage options are provided. Indoor and outdoor seating is provided.

Evening Presentations
Evening Presentations immediately follow dinner, at 7 PM in the Meadows. Special accommodations for social distancing include outdoor broadcast viewing areas.
Speakers may include Jim McCormac, Mark Garland, Julie Zickefoose, and Jeff Gordon.

Farewell Pizza Party!
Entertainment starts at 3 PM and Pizza at 6 PM, Saturday! By "entertainment" we mean a fun panel Q&A with your hosts Rachel, Geoff, Keith and Paul.

Please be forgiving as the speaker line-ups may change due to unforeseen personal schedule changes. Field trip times and routes are approximate and may vary due to accessibility, bird movement, weather conditions, and other unforeseen variables.


♦ Detailed location information and maps are provided to those with registrations, in April.

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